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The Universe Is Expanding Outward

There could also be fundamental flaws in our understanding of the Universe. The problem came to light as scientists worked to calculate and measure a worth called the Hubble Constant, which represents how quickly the universe is expanding outward. Astronomer Edwin Hubble first calculated the value in the 1920s. However, since then, astronomers observing & measuring the Universe’s expansion have arrived at other values of the Hubble Constant, none of which appear to agree with one another.

The discrepancy calls into question not solely our idea of how old the Universe is, but also our capacity to inherently understand the physics that drive its behavior. Freedman is accountable for the latest measurement of the Hubble Constant, which she calculated utilizing a distinct kind of cosmic landmark from earlier investigations.

Her team estimated the brightness of red giant stars in distant galaxies. As a result of these stars reach uniform size and intensity, their distance from Earth can more readily be calculated than any other stars.

Freedman’s activity, which has been accepted but not but revealed by The Astrophysical Journal, discovered that the Universe is growing at 69.8 kilometers per second per megaparsec, per the press release.

That is a slower rate of expansion than was calculated in another latest research that centered on a distinct sort of star however a faster rate than was estimated in yet another study that measured light leftover from the Big Bang known as the cosmic microwave background.

Freedman initially hoped her analysis would serve as a tie-breaker between these other two research – however instead it added one more, possible value for the Hubble Constant for astronomers to reconcile.

In the midst of the next decade, NASA hopes to launch the Vast Field Infrared Survey Telescope into orbit, at which level scientists will have the ability to more precisely measure the distance of celestial objects, per the press release.

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