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US Is Environmental Protector And Leader: Trump’s Statement

Donald Trump plans to go on the offensive against criticism of his business-friendly rollbacks of environmental protection in a speech on Monday, based on three sources aware of the plans.

Trump will tout America’s clean air and water, though his administration has advanced many efforts that experts say have undercut the country’s environmental document.

As Democrats make the environment and the climate crisis key to their presidential campaigns, Republicans are feeling pressure from voters from across the political spectrum who worry concerning the planet and public health.

Trump has little to point to when it comes to environmental achievements. He may talk about a US effort to clean up marine debris, a lot of which is coming from Asia. The problem might fit well with Republican arguments that developing nations like China are at present contributing way more to the climate disaster than the US.

Yet in an off-the-record conference call on Wednesday, the White House reached out to key supporting groups requesting they spread the message that the US underneath Trump continues to be an environmental leader.

Trump’s environment officials, including Environmental Protection Agency administrator Andrew Wheeler, interior secretary David Bernhardt and council on environmental quality chief Mary Neumayr might be on the White House on Monday for the 3.30pm event titled Presidential Remarks on America’s Environmental Leadership.

Some groups, like the Aggressive Enterprise Institute and Heartland Institute, don’t consider the science that shows humans are heating the planet at a harmful rate and want the president to focus on increasing fossil fuel use. They assist an aide pushing climate denial from the White House.

It’s true that US emissions have been in decline for years, however, they went up in 2018, based on the Power Info Administration. And they don’t seem to be on track to realize what scientists say is important to restrict the worst of worldwide warming.

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